Expert: Current year will be decisive in the fate of EU integrity - OPINION

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"Report.Az", 29.02.2016

Baku. 29 February. REPORT.AZ/ The reasons for the collapse of the European Union threat are in uncontrolled flow of migrants and the unprecedented growth of nationalistic growth in Europe, Report was told by the political analyst Pavel Klachkov, commenting on forthcoming referendum in the UK's withdrawal from the EU area and the possible split of European zone.

"High probability of EU disintegration is a matter of most discussions on the several formal occasions publicly. More and more European politicians actually raise the question of the EU existence. And if we analyze their recent statements, as a rule, all sounds a theme that in order to maintain the EU, it is necessary to fight, to make some effort. In fact, the EU itself is not saved. This means that now it is unstable, just for the sake of the existence of the structure have to fight for it, take some effort", P.Klachkov said.

According to him, the situation around the EU today is very unstable.

"The reasons I can think are laid on a purely mass political consciousness in Europe, of course, there is the rise of nationalism, and the unprecedented rise of nationalism These nationalist sentiments across Europe are becoming more and more popular", said the expert, adding that this trend hadn't been observed for many decades in Europe.

He noted that the rise of nationalism triggered and exacerbated the problem of so-called refugees. "By and large, massive flows of refugees, ethnically and religiously alien to the traditional European culture, created this alarming situation, when we say that the integrity of Europe in question and of the coming to power of the new nationalist forces. Even see where that is likely literally current - 2016 - the year will be crucial and will determine the fate of Europe for years and maybe decades," said the analyst.

Speaking to hold a referendum in the UK's withdrawal from the EU, the political scientist said that it will have a fundamental, crucial role.

The expert stressed that he have studied this issue. "Right now there (in the UK - Ed.) a lot of interesting findings in the political campaign, for example, London is the financial capital of the world, London is the power and can live without the EU. There are a lot of such sentiments and they are supported by similar political advertising, which makes sense to study", said P.Klachkov.

According to him, in case of the UK will exit from the EU through a referendum, then it will go to the EU after the collapse of the process - " it will spread, isolation is expected."

The political scientist said that at the moment, amount of migrants in Europe goes through the millions.

"The so-called Dublin Agreement, which regulates the flow of migration, today completely already inadequate. Moreover, they are inadequate because that they put the burden of migrants responsibility, which are on the periphery of the European Union - Greece, Italy, Eastern Europe. Now is now going the reforms of the Dublin system, but there again, it's opponent is the same - it is the UK", said the expert, adding that the reform of the agreement can become a serious political blow to British Prime Minister David Cameron.

Commenting on the issue of maintaining the Schengen area, the political scientist expressed the view that it is now under great threat.

"As far as I know that Sweden has announced the passport control, Berlin threatens to enter a number of countries intend to do so without Schengen, without freedom of movement in Europe. All fall down like dominoes. Without Schengen it will not make sense in the existence of the European Union. Schengen zone is on its last legs, could hardly breathe", said the expert.

The expert expressed the opinion that the collapse of the EU will lead to increased conflict between the European countries, primarily in Eastern and Central Europe. "The collapse of the European Union will significantly change the world balance of power" summed P.Klachkov.