Brexit referendum determines positions on world markets

Оставлен klachkov Втр, 2016-06-21 14:01

"Report.Az", 21.06.2016

Baku. 21 June. REPORT.AZ/ Supporters of the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union (shortly Brexit) and withdrawal opponents could use the murder of British MPs in their own interests, said political analyst Pavel Klachkov in his interview with Report, commenting on murder of supporter of the country's membership in the EU, Labour MP Helen Joan Cox and its possible consequences in the context of the forthcoming June 23 referendum on Brexit.

"Political murder is always a mystery. Each party will use the murder for their own purposes”, Pavel Klachkov said.

The analyst pointed out that assassinations of this kind have not occurred in the UK for a long time, even the Queen of England has reacted it, expressing her attitude to what has happened in the private letter.

The expert stressed that by and large the killing does not change the alignment of global politics. "The European Union continues to commit a lot of mistakes, especially in migration policy that annoys the British, in relations with Turkey, which constantly come into some kind of a dead end," stated Pavel Klachkov.

"On the whole, Brexit referendum is playing the most important role in the global community value, determines the position in many world markets, the global financial position around this referendum. The tension is growing", he added.

Speaking about the victory of one of the sides, the analyst noted that understands the output arguments of supporters of the country’s exit from the EU, and those wishing to save the UK in the EU zone.

"My personal observation during my stay in the United Kingdom - I understood, number of those who want to exit at the everyday level was more. At the depth-psychological level, the United Kingdom always thinks itself apart from Europe, but on the other hand, time is also not stable. Such a British isolationism mostly come from past centuries, from the times of the "mighty Empire" with its dominance, and new developments are possible now. This is a matter of struggle of mentality, psychology, this is a matter that seriously affecting the global economy", he concluded.