"Eurasia" movement have become the party

Оставлен podyapolsky Чт, 2005-06-30 22:49

("The Krasnoyarsk Newspaper", #49-50, 2002, July, 02)

On 21st of June,2002, Ministry of Justice of RF registered the Eurasia party.

All-Russian "Eurasia" movement was established a year ago. Since then it has proved its viability by intensive work & has become firmly established in Russian political & ideological area. Therefore on 30th of may, 2002, in Saint Daniel's cathedral in Moscow there was a transforming convention of the movement. The movement has become the party, participant of all Russian political processes enjoying full rights.

Krasnoyarsk delegation consisting of 5 members actively participated in the work of the convention. The State Duma elections of 2003 are at hand. Krasnoyarsk regional department of "Eurasia" party is being engaged in party building especially in the areas of the region. There must be more patriots, people thinking to scale in the State Duma. Leading by Alexander Dugin all the Eurasians are confidently facing the problems & vicissitudes of political life. It is the time now to stop the extremist of all kinds. It is the time to do away with fraud, clownery, stealing & depravity as of capital so as of regional officials.

And all this means that "Eurasia" party will exist & win!