Pavel Klachkov: "Eurasia" is our fate.

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The new Eurasian epoch is coming to Russia. The newspapers were discussing it even half a year before when the father of home geopolitical school Alexander Dugin founded movement "Eurasia". It is being discussed now when "Eurasia" has become a party. In Krasnoyarsk region regional department of "Eurasia" political party is headed by the member of central political council Pavel Klachkov.

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- Pavel Vladimirovich, when did you come to Eurasism and to its conceptions and how did you do that?

- It occurred in the very beginning of the 90th when there were the first published works of Alexander Gelyevich Dugin. By that time I had studied plenty of philosophical works. In the 80th we eagerly read a lot of translations of thinkers of East and West. At that time they were not published, we hunted for all kinds of copies of so-called "samizdat". The first Dugin's works became a draught of fresh breeze in the red-hot ideological and philosophical desert. At that time Russia looked very much like that. So that is the way of how I took a great interest in Neweurasism with Alexander Dugin as a founder and exponent. I had been familiar with the works of "old" Eurasians - Gumilyov, Savitsky, prince Trubetskoy. But it is the modern, dynamical, adequate interpretation of Eurasian ideas by Dugin influenced my choice.

After that I have followed his every new publication, every new book until in the beginning of the 90th there took place my acquaintance with Alexander Gelyevich. Since that time I dare call myself his follower and disciple.

- Did Eurasism have a character of theory and philosophy initially?

- In that times it was difficult to speak about frank and open influence of Eurasism on policy. During the period of Eltsin's government there predominated two schemes: eltsinists - communists, "free masons" - "Russian patriots".

In that time Eurasism was a heterogeneous movement. Besides Dugin and his followers there were other people who called themselves Eurasians. There were extremely odious persons, hunters after Soros' awards, narcissistic drunkards who shook their beards sitting at home on their divans and offering a "genial" interpretation of the Eurasism each.

We didn't like it absolutely. We preferred to go advance creating a modern base which would be adequate to political realities. We carefully studied the newest achievements of the West thought, theorists of Atlantism to understand what one can oppose to it and how Russia must adequately react to the ideas of Globalism. I mean reaction not mere verbiage.

It is clear that in that political context Eurasians could not exist patently though we always supported patriotic national - sovereign part of Russian policy both theoretically and ideologically. But only not long ago we turned to be prepared to the serious fight for the power in Russia - in the new political area.

- Is it really so necessary to create a new party? Isn't it simpler to use the ready political structure?

- There were such attempts but there weren't any results - it's quite understandable why. When a new political party is founded a certain inertia develops in it. The longer this structure exists the bigger turn the inertia takes. As a result the founders are becoming the hostages of the old schemes duplicating them endlessly until all these comes to idiocy and people begin to laugh. It is just like the parties of the previous times. The political process moved in an exclusive circle: the parties thought that they deceived the people but at the same time the people made a visibility of being deceived and voted now for one party, now for another. In reality there were none of the implanting of party system in the depth of Russian psychology.

"Eurasia" party is a different thing at all. As a foundation we take the very essence, the depth of Eurasian soul, its deep-laid psychological structures which are expressed and conveyed by Alexander Gelyevich Dugin.

- How did the political context changed after Boris Eltsin's leaving and new Russian president Putin's coming?

- Dugin once said that Putin is a man of fate. I would add that he is a hostage of fate. Now there are a lot of parties which are trying to stick to him, they say: "We are with the president, The president is with us!" as a matter of fact Putin is such a mysterious figure so that none of the existent parties can call themselves "presidential". We are considering Putin's figure as a challenge, a symbol which can be equal to the problems faced by the Eurasia party or can't be. We do not aim at "the party of power", don't take a comfortable stand of carping or sergeant-major's obsequiousness. Our aim is not to become “the party of power”. "Eurasia" is an ideological party and that is all we can say about it. We are sure that Putin Doesn't have any other way but Eurasian. He can rush about for a while, to look for, to flirt with different parties but in reality there is nothing more to rely on.

- In what extent can "Eurasia" be called a mass party?

- Right now we are the witnesses of the fateful phase of Russian history when the new Eurasism, Neoeurasism is coming from the ideological labs to the broad masses. For the first time in the history of Russia there appeared a new fresh idea which is receiving more and more reactions from the hearts of the Russian, from the closer and even from the farther foreign countries. There is the organization of the supporters of "Eurasia" party in the West Europe and though it is paradoxically there is such an organization in America.

We do not conduct heart-rending and hysterical campaign drives agitating anybody to join our rows. We do not organize the most odious mass actions, concerts and transvestite shows to support ourselves. Let other parties and associations do all these things. The people who join our party have understood by soul and heart that there is nothing stronger than the idea of patriotism, of social equity and peaceful co-existence of national cultures. There is nothing more native than driving for the spiritual roots of one's nation. The nations of Russia are finding the symbol which makes sense to join round. It is the banner which it makes sense to fight for in the name of the real, wealthy, prosperous country. And our country will become such a one. There is a thesis in our program: "the real country". We do not live according to virtual patterns of Moscow political analysts. We live according to the laws of a real country, of real Russia, of real people.

- Can you the process of formation of Krasnoyarsk "Eurasia" party department?

- The nucleus of Krasnoyarsk department is 10 years old. From the beginning there was a student scientific circle where the processes in our society, philosophical works, Eurasian ideas were discussed. With the lapse of time some teachers, journalists, philosophers, scientists joined us. The work of Eurasian organizations (in that time there were several ones) was rather scientific. Our aim was to enlighten. On the base of the "Eurasia center of initiatives" we organized seminars, conferences, prepared reports, discussed the works of Alexander Gelyevich Dugin and of the other Eurasians. All these was made with the help of enthusiasm only. Each of us has realized their professional ambitions and rather successfully. By degrees we could influence the situation in Krasnoyarsk region. Now there are a lot of people in different structures. There are people supporting our ideas in the organs of State Power, in business and even in the big corporations. Very often their public interests contradict each other but we always have a possibility to gather and to discuss the most important questions, to find the right solution.

Half a year ago when in Moscow there was founded the social and political movement "Eurasia" our work in Krasnoyarsk acquired a new quality. New members joined us , serious actions were held. We also have our site in the Internet. Now when the social and political movement has become a party we have a serious back-log, assets - the people who will fight to the end, who will not betray. "Eurasia" is not a conjuncture "Eurasia" is our fate.

- What place in the political life of the region does the local department of "Eurasia" party occupy?

- We don't take part in vulgar political scandals and compromising wars directly. We do not blend with the plans of the visitant political technologists, of those who deal with PR attempts to deceive people in one way or another. Our opinion is that people are not so stupid , but they only simulate. We are working hard for the future.

If to speak about the governor elections I suppose that there isn't anything to say about federal parties' influence on the result. With the exception of " United Russia " and "Eurasia" . and I must say that our influence is rather intellectual and spiritual. We are against black PR, against provocations. The candidates using these methods invite failure. We support lawful elections without any cases of extremism. Our party will stand up for this position very firmly.