We need such a party!

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"The Siberian Way", #3, 2002, August

The editorial staff receives responses from the readers of "The Siberian Way").

There are a lot of parties on the political arena of our country. Almost all of them promise us "the radiant future", " to stand the country", but having seized upon the power behave themselves like barbarians, they regard themselves (not the country, not the people) as a paramount importance trying to snatch a bigger bit of other's money, not taking care of those around them.

The people who rob their country, who sacrifice the prosperity of the people to a new car or a cottage are worse than criminals - they rob those who have entrusted them to be of their interest in heads.

And if they personally come to power how we, common electorate, will be sure that instead of taking care of our prosperity & budget of our country they won't take care of their personal welfare & pocket?

The "Eurasia" party has shown that it puts the interests of the country on the first place and moreover is ready to sacrifice its own assets to common people. I can say it precisely for I have felt it by myself. If the Eurasians come to power those having a head on their shoulders & making their bread by own strength will have an opportunity to get a job according the specialty.

The worst thing in our country is corruption. As soon as corrupted officials loose their power we'll be able to live without fear of the coming day & not begging the state.

Vasily Tirronen,

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