Pavel Klachkov. On the boundary with a vacchabit.

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Published in "Mir Novostey", Krasnoyarsk, #2 (474), 20.01.03

Sectarianism is not so harmless as it may seem at first sight. This warns of Pavel Klachkov, the leader of Krasnoyarsk department of Geopolitical Examination Center.

- Pavel Vladimirovich, do religious sects really represent a danger?

- There are traditional religions in Russia: Orthodoxy, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism. There are sects founded by different kinds of "charismatics" or prophets activity of which is financed from abroad & the aim of which is to disrupt the traditional spirituality of our people. And there is a "party" interested in different occult ideas. Ten years ago Castaneda & "the path of a warrior" were in fashion, then Crowley & the pseudo-oriental current came in fashion.

- Which of the "subversive" sects would you call the most dangerous?

- The most dangerous is militant Islam sect which is usually called vacchabism in mass media. One must not think that vacchabism exists only in the Caucasus or in the regions where the Moslem population predominates. One of the centers of propagation of the Moslem ideas is not far from here - in the Irkutsk region. The very one and a half years ago Abdul-Vached Niyazov, the emissary of the extremism circles, visited Krasnoyarsk. All the Krasnoyarsk TV canals translated his press - conference & didn't give any adequate comments.

- What are the relationships between the vacchabits & the traditional Islam?

- Vacchabism has nothing to do with the traditional Islam. This is a not numeral but extremely dangerous sect financed by some certain circles of Saudi Arabia. Nowadays with the help of a real complex of measures propagation of their influence on our region is temporarily blocked. But unfortunately we can't say so about a number of pseudo - Christian sects roots of which are in Canada. Their activity is financed by the West accordingly.

- And what about the activity of Russian satanists?

- Satanism hasn't taken roots neither in Russian nor in Siberian ground. There is only a blind imitation of West models & it appears in hooligan actions of minor imbeciles. In the West this "culture" is really widely spread, it is well known that in American army a clergyman of "Satan church", can fully hold a post of the chaplain. Satanism came to us with McDonalds & Coca-Cola & there is no fundamental difference between these phenomena. As for different kinds of passion for "secret mystical cults" like Castaneda, Crowley & La Vei one can say as follows: anything to keep them quite but the Vacchabism.

Anatoly Moshnitsky