Klachkov P.V. The Third Capital of Experts.

Оставлен root Чт, 2005-06-30 22:32

- There has already taken place two board meetings of experts. The first one was devoted to the positioning of the board, to the substantiation of the necessity to establish it, to the definition of its goals and objectives.

We had managed to inscribe ourselves into federal context and possibly the leading for the time being expert of Russia Modest Kolerov who had come here and supported our beginning was telling us about it. It can be said without false modesty that though in October of last year at the "Civil Debate" session in Aleksandr-Hous the question that there are only two cities with functioning expert communities - Moscow and St.Petersburg - was brought up, and it was even told that the rest of Russia represents "an intellectual desert", today owing to the whole package plan one can say that there has appeared the third expert board - Krasnoyarsk. This fact is acknowledged by our colleagues from federal center and from the northern capital. They are going to take part in our sessions.

The second session was devoted to the subject of housing and communal services (GKH) reform. Two alternative projects of the reformation were submitted. One of them had been prepared by housing and communal services institute the other - by Abakumov's group, Moskow.

This group has a positive experience of the reform execution in several regions of RF. There had been a very serious discussion. All the materials were sent both to the President's Administration and to some big corporations interested in the reforms to be executed with the minimal damage and with the maximal efficiency. That's an important subject though excessively politicized.

Now there has almost achieved the agreement about carrying of housing and communal services reform according to our model in several cities of the region. For the time being we are putting an end to the formation of the workgroup which will - with our intellectual and media backing work in that direction. I don't want yet speak of the exact city. Most probably there will be two of them. In this way the Expert board is really interfering in the things taking place in the economy and policy of the region.
Mass Media carefully follow our activity. In particular they are: the 7th canal, the regional radio, "Chanson" radio, "Yenisey Arguments and Facts" newspaper, "chance" newspaper etc. Our leading sponsor is K-NEWS agency, here is it's general director - Taras Kashinsky.

One of the most important forms of our work must become the work in the frame of political expert net, having been organized on the base of our community's Internet- cite. Each expert gets a password which gives him an opportunity to take part in the discussions. This things give an opportunity to work in on-line regime and of virtual communication between the sessions. In this way the continuity of our work is ensured and the preparation of the following sessions is eased. Taras Mikhailovich is also the manager of our Internet-project.

    Pavel Klachkov